CPYB Endorsed Brokerage Program

CPYB Endorsed Brokerage Program

Since its initiation in 2002, the Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) program has certified over 500 yacht sales professionals (YSPs) throughout the U.S. and Canada. Eligible, experienced YSPs who meet the application criteria and who successfully pass a three-hour online examination earn their CPYB credentials, setting them apart as knowledgeable professionals dedicated to the highest ethical standards and to continued professional education and training. Recertification is required every 3 years.


The CPYB program is pleased to extend its service to the industry by offering the opportunity for qualified North American brokerage firms and dealerships to earn recognition as a CPYB Endorsed Brokerage. A qualified brokerage firm or dealership is defined as an entity or entities advertising under a common name in North America. Just as the program currently recognizes qualified yacht sales professionals, the Endorsed Brokerage program recognizes brokerage firms and dealerships that are committed to the high standards of the CPYB program and who support their YSPs’ investment in attaining and maintaining their CPYB certification.

As a CPYB Endorsed Brokerage, your firm will benefit through:

  1. Enhanced customer confidence,
  2. Commitment to the standards of the CPYB program, ensuring consistency of support for your brokers and yacht sales professionals,
  3. CPYB’s national advertising exposure in leading industry publications and websites, promoting the value of CPYB brokers and Endorsed Brokerages.

CPYB Endorsed Brokerages receive the following:

  • Use of the CPYB Endorsed Brokerage program logo on your website and in any other form of advertising that your firm participates in;
  • Ongoing national advertising in prominent yachting publications and web sites,
  • Window decals for use in your marketing efforts,
  • A recognition certificate, suitable for framing.

Qualifications & Eligibility: The brokerage firm meets or agrees to comply with the following:

  1. The firm’s Brokers of Record must be CPYB certified.
  2. All other eligible brokers/salespersons must be in the process of obtaining their CPYB designation by applying to the program, paying the application fee, and passing the CPYB exam within six months of application.
  3. Brokers / salespersons who are not yet eligible are considered apprentices and must apply to the CPYB program, pay the fee, and attend a minimum of one authorized continuing education activity each year during the term of their apprenticeship. Approved activities include authorized industry events and association-sponsored educational events.
  4. The firm must provide, as by local law, evidence of a dedicated account for the funds held in trust for protection of brokerage client funds.
  5. The Broker of Record must agree to complete an annual CPYB Endorsed Brokerage update form.

The annual fee of $100 is waived for the company’s first year of participation in the program.

Each year the CPYB office will generate a data survey form that will be sent to the firm at its time of renewal. The form must be completed and sent back within 30 days along with payment for the annual maintenance fee to assure membership in the program will continue into the next year.

Have questions?  Please contact us at certification@cpyb.net or call 410-940-6349.

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CPYB Endorsed Brokerages

The following yacht brokerages have earned the distinction of CPYB Endorsement, based upon their commitment to yacht sales professionalism and the ongoing professional development and certification of their brokers.