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About CPYB

Yacht Sales Professionals – YSPs (brokers, dealers, salespeople) nationwide have a benchmark for measuring their skills, abilities and performance, while enhancing their marketing value. Boat sellers and buyers are in a better position to select qualified, competent sales professionals with confidence and trust. The Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) program has made this dream a reality.

What is a Certified Professional Yacht Broker?

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA), International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA), Northwest Yacht Brokers Association (NYBA), California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA), Boating Ontario Dealers, Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers Association (GCYBA) and British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association (BCYBA), over 550 YSPs have earned the CPYB designation, with another 100 applicants now preparing for the exam.


CPYB Certification is the mark of excellence for yacht sales professionals throughout North America.

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Earning Certification

CPYB brokers have met professional qualifications and have successfully passed a three-hour examination, testing their skills and knowledge as yacht sales professionals. If you are committed to professionalism and have what it takes, we invite you to apply.

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Renew Your

It is now time to prepare for your CPYB Recertification.

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Renew Your Certification

As you know, staying competitive and successful requires a continuing commitment to educating yourself on the latest industry information and insights. That is why the basis of CPYB Recertification requires your participation in educational activities and professional involvement that help you to remain one of the most experienced brokers in the brokerage industry.

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Upcoming Recertification Opportunities

 February 2018 
  • 3 CPYB Recertification Credits

    Taxes & Insurance; Two Necessary Evils of the Boating Industry

    February 21, 2018

March 5, 2018

GCYBA Maritime Course Review and FacilityTour

4 CPYB Recertification Credits

San Jacinto College - Maritime Campus,La Porte, TX.

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March 7, 2018


3 CPYB Recertification Credits

Yacht Closer/YachtWorld Features Update

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Understanding Marine Insurance Claims

Be prepared because during your client’s yacht ownership an incident, fire or accident will most inevitably happen. Being your client’s confidant means that when this happens, you will get a panicked call from your client looking for immediate guidance, which, is usually never Monday through Friday during business hours. As lawyers, we don’t necessarily like to think about it, but a part of our duty is to look at a situation and recognize what the worst-case scenario may look like, as we have counseled many clients through disasters and emergencies through the decades and, ultimately, predict how to mitigate or rectify the situation.


Watch Out for Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is ramped and simple to commit.  Wire transfer instructions are emailed to the buyer from the seller or seller’s representative. The buyer complies with the instructions to the “T”. Within hours, the seller contacts the buyer asking if the money has been sent yet. The buyer checks with their bank and is assured that the funds have been transferred out. However, when the money has still not shown up, everyone begins to retrace steps. As it turns out, the wiring instructions were bogus. The email came from an address that looked very much like that of the sellers or sellers’ representative, but it was not actually theirs and was that of a hacker.


Dealer, Yacht Broker Certification Programs Collaborate

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas’ Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program and the Yacht Brokers Association of America’s Certified Professional Yacht Broker Program today announced a collaborative effort to further the development of their respective members. CPYB certification is the boating industry’s brand of excellence for yacht sales professionals throughout North America. The CPYB designation is the most prestigious accreditation a yacht sales professional can earn within the recreational marine industry and CPYB professionals must attain a minimum number of educational credits in order to maintain their Certification.



Social Engineering Fraud is a real and increasing risk to organizations of all types and sizes. Our insurance carrier partners and our clients continue to see a dramatic increase in attempted – and successful – attacks of this type. The hacking of personal data, devices and networks has become almost routine. To paraphrase the former FBI Director James Comey: There are two kinds of people in the US, those who have been hacked and those who have been hacked and don’t know it. In 2015, there was a 270% increase in victims of social engineering fraud over the prior year. The average amount loss per attack was $130,000 and 59% of attacks were directed at small and medium sized businesses. Money voluntarily given by individuals to criminals will most certainly continue to increase.