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Achieving your CPYB designation has demonstrated your knowledge of, and commitment to, the yacht brokerage profession. It is now time to prepare for your CPYB Recertification.
As you know, staying competitive and successful requires a continuing commitment to educating yourself on the latest industry information and insights. That is why the basis of CPYB Recertification requires your participation in educational activities and professional involvement that help you to remain one of the most experienced brokers in the brokerage industry. The guide below will be helpful in answering the questions you will likely have throughout the recertification process.

How long does my CPYB certification last?
Your Certified Professional Yacht Broker designation is valid for 3 years. Your certification expiration date is shown on your CPYB Certificate of Completion. It is also available under your profile on the CPYB website. ("Find a Broker")

What are the requirements for CPYB recertification?
In order to qualify for recertification, you must complete 30 approved continuing education credits. In addition, a $150 recertification fee for association members, $450 for non-association members.

How do I inform CPYB that I earned credits toward my recertification?
The CPYB Certification Advisory Council (CAC) reviews and authorizes education activities that may be credited toward CPYB recertification. These activities are listed on the CPYB Recertification Credit Submission Form. You will need to submit the CPYB Recertification Credit Submission Form 2016 indicating the credits you've earned, by mail or fax to the CPYB Office. Information about credits earned may not be submitted by phone, e-mail, or third parties. Credits must be submitted within twelve months of activity.

What if I attended/participated in an event that the CPYB CAC has not yet approved for recertification?
If you attend or participate in an activity that is not yet listed on the CPYB Recertification Credit Submission Form and would like to have the activity count towards recertification, please send in a request by mail or fax to the CPYB office for review. Please include the following information with your request: your name, description of activity, date held/attended, and the name and contact for the event sponsor. You will get a reply within four weeks of our office receiving your request.

How will I keep track of my credits earned toward recertification?
The CPYB Office will keep track of credits you submit using the CPYB Recertification Credit Submission Form. In addition, your credits, as well as date of renewal, will be listed on the CPYB website below your name. If you have questions regarding your continuing education numbers, please contact Colleen McDonough, Manager of the program, for a copy of your transcript. It is your responsibility to ensure that your CPYB transcripts are correct and up-to-date.

 CPYB Recertification Credit Submission Form 2016

What if I forget when my certification expires? 
The CPYB office attempts to notify you of your certification expiration either by USPS or email. Please be sure your current brokerage information and email are on file with the CPYB office. Credits, as well as your date of renewal, are listed under your name on the website under "Find a Broker."

What if I don't meet the requirements of recertification before my certification expiration?
Once your CPYB certification expires, you will have a 90-day grace period for meeting your recertification requirements. If you fail to meet the requirements for recertification within 90 days after your CPYB certification date, you must re-apply and be re-tested in order to regain your CPYB designation, and you will lose continuity of your certification. Please call the CPYB office to discuss your options.

Stay ahead of the game by participating in as many educational activities as you can. It not only puts you on the right track for CPYB recertification but you will also be enhancing your professional career. You can find out more about CPYB approved education activities through the CPYB web site.

 CPYB Recertification Credit Submission Form 2016


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